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Yippee, I love talking about me... I'm a 25 year old wife, mom, daughter, sister and swinger! I'm married to a wonderful man with small balls, who likes taking it as much as giving it. I am mommy to Bobby John 4, and Billy Ray 9 months. I'm also mommy to a whole bunch of animals like kitties, doggies and fishies! I am a stay at home mommy with absolutley nothing better to do then to tell the world about my little hell spawn. I love kids, animals, gardening, and crafts, Ohh and TLC (I'd love to swing with Page Davis). This is the ramblings of me and my life in the beautiful Texas sun..

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  • Things That Go Bump In The NIght
  • Gasser
  • The Final Prayer
  • Losing My Religion
  • A Question of Faith
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